SecAware: the wisest training decision you’ll make this year

While your security software is protecting your systems, cyber criminals are shifting their attention to weaker targets - your employees.

Until you train your staff, your company remains wide open to a potentially devastating security breach:

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Malvertising
  • Social engineering
  • Cryptolocker
  • Data theft
  • Malware
  • Snowshoe spam
  • Cyberespinonage

SecAware is the most cost-effective way to educate your employees to become effective defenders against cybercrime. Train your entire workforce for just 1% of the cost of hiring in-company trainers.

SecAware's learning content has been developed by Perspective Risk UK in accordance with ISO 27001 standards

That means you'll meet many of your security compliance obligations helping you to win new business and satisfy your partners.

  • handling corporate information
  • email and im security
  • web browsing security
  • social media security
  • phone security
  • physical security
  • crest
  • check
  • cyber essentials
  • iso 27001
  • iso 9001

It’s like no other security awareness training platform

SecAware uses gamification features to engage your staff in information security issues – resulting in a more security-savvy workforce.



Win points for successfully phishing your colleagues.


Performance points

Get rewarded for correct answers in the tutorial activities.


Behaviour points

Receive badges for demonstrating good practice, such as creating a strong password.



Compete with colleagues to rise up the rankings.

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Phishing: time to tackle the next big threat to your organisation’s security


of recipients open phishing messages and 11% click on attachments. (Verizon, 2015)


of large enterprises were targeted by spear-phishing campaigns in 2014, compared with 43% in 2013. (Symantec, 2015)


of cyberattacks start with spear-phishing. (Trend Micro, 2012).

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The SecAware training platform helps you mitigate the risks of a phishing-based security breach.

An in-built Phish-a-friend function gives your employees experience of the tactics used by cyber criminals, so they know what to spot. The Phishing Campaign function enables you to test the effects of a phishing attack on your organisation:

  • Build customised messages by email or SMS.
  • Create seemingly trustworthy landing pages in seconds for your messages to link to.
  • See exactly who was fooled and how.

Create a Phishing Campaign for free

See how vulnerable your organisation is to a spear phishing attack…

Send a simulated phishing email to up to 100 of your workforce right now, for free.

Launch a Phishing Campaign now

configure like it's your own system

Why invest in your own e-training content when you can simply calibrate SecAware?


Customisable phishing campaigns

create the most targeted simulated phishing attacks with a wide variety of customisable options and tracking tools.


Tailored questions

create your own end-of-module questions. Making the content relevant to your industry and market.


your branding

add your company logo and colours to create a truly bespoke learning experience.

Convenient for you. Even more convenient for your staff.

  • 10-minute modules are easily completed over lunch or between meetings.
  • Intuitive dashboard and mini-tutorials eliminate the need for platform orientation.
  • Train staff without adding to their workloads.

Take advantage of our introductory prices throughout 2017.